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April 21st, 2017

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BPAFunding.info, is an Open-Ended website. That means that after you get access to it, you have unrestricted access to all the content that is available.

We deliver digital Do-It-Yourself  eBooks immediately, after completion of purchase.

Our Products and Services are intangibles, and once they have been delivered or performed, that CANNOT be undone!

There is NO REFUND on our digital ebook products, because the eBook Packages are delivered virtually and you can’t unlearn the information that you’ve received, and reviewed. Our Services are also performed virtually, and they too cannot be undone, once they’re completed!

If we do not deliver a Product or Service as promised, we will certainly issue a Refund!

Please keep in mind that after payment is made, you are accepting this Refund Policy & Terms Of Service

Thank you MUCH for your understanding and patronage.

*We DO NOT sell any of your information that we may collect, at any point!

Thanks for visiting. We hope to serve you. We are proud to over deliver for our Clients!

The BPAFunding.info Team

San Francisco Based Business Management Consultancy

A Subsidiary Of Barry Pope Associates, LLC

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