May 7th, 2017

Get Good Credit

With Our Do-It-Yourself eBook Packages!

Credit Enhancement Guide | Get Approved

This is a Do-It-Yourself, 6-Page Credit Enhancement Guide to show you exactly how to get a verified CPN, (Credit Profile Number), a new credit file, tri-merged, meaning reporting on all 3 credit bureaus, within 15 minutes.

You’ll ONLY need this 6-Page Credit Enhancement Guide, and nothing else! It is VERY simple, but some individuals, and companies sell it for $700 or more!

There is NO need to pay someone for this service, when you can purchase this 6-Page Credit Enhancement Guide, and have it done within 15 minutes!

Don’t waste time thinking about it, if you need it, you should get it NOW, because as with everything else in this day and age, things change rapidly, and especially in the financial industry.

You will receive your 6-Page Credit Enhancement Guide IMMEDIATELY After Payment Is Made, By Clicking On The BUY NOW Button!

Actually, after you get this 6-Page Credit Enhancement Guide, you will have a New Verified CPN, New Credit File, and a New Credit Card, which means you will get the cost of this small investment right back, PLUS have a FRESH new start!

Included in this Credit Enhancement Guide, is how, when and where to apply, to get APPROVED for a NEW $15K car loan!

This is a valuable 6-Page Credit Enhancement Guide, that not only can you use for yourself, but help out family and friends, as well as resell it, or you could perform this service, and charge up to $250 or more! PLEASE use it responsibly!

You can add bigger Primary Tradelines to your credit file, and get approved for much higher credit card limits, or lines of credit. Just contact us at: support@bpafunding.info

There are some that go on to acquire up to $100K worth of credit cards, or Lines Of Credit.
You’ll Be Getting A Verified CPN, And New Credit File In 15 minutes!
(Regulary Priced Up To $250)

PLEASE Understand

This 6-Page Credit Enhancement Guide WORKS!


This Is Your Chance To Start NEW Credit In 15 Minutes, AND Then A $15K New Car Loan.
Everything Will Post On ALL 3 Credit Bureaus!





 (You will receive your eBook within 24 hours, 24/7, 365 days a week, even Holidays

after your payment is confirmed)!

D-I-Y Credit Sweep | Add Your Own Tradelines



In this 33-page ebook, we’ll show you how to access and report bank issued

Primary Tradelines that are in your name and BACKDATED!

We also include Credit Sweep instructions!

There is NO special software to download!

This method is 100% LEGAL AND ETHICAL!

These are Primary Tradelines that include Installment Accounts, Revolving Accounts, Auto Loans, Mortgages.




(You will receive your eBook within 24 hours, 24/7, 365 days a week, even Holidays

after your payment is confirmed)!


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