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Credit-Ready Shelf Corporations For Business Funding






With our Credit-Ready Shelf Corporations, you’ll be set to acquire from $35,000 – $250,000 in funding! These corporations are free of any liabilities! All you need to do, is tell us what your funding goals are, and we’ll help you get it done. *(Additional One-Time $795 for our Funding Program for your Corp. ALL of our Corps are free of ANY liabilities, and up-to-date with all Secretary Of States)


We have Shelf Corps in the following States:

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Wyoming

All of these states are corporate and tax friendly, either comparable or better than Delaware and Nevada! Please consult us if you MUST have a Corp in your home state, however, our Shelf Corps work for anyone , in any home state.


Example of Funding for our Shelf Corps:

$35,000 Funding – Shelf Corp Fee – $2499

$75,000 Funding- Shelf Corp Fee – $2749

$150,000 Funding – Shelf Corp Fee – $4499

$250,000 Funding – Shelf Corp Fee – $6999

*(It takes approximately 45 days to achieve a Paydex Score of 80. At that time we can get your Shelf Corp’s funding, if you’ve joined our Funding Program)


We’ve been successfully helping people get funding since 2006.


Each Credit-Ready Shelf Corporation comes with FREE features, and we offer even more features, if you need them!


 AND, you’ll get your Credit-Ready Shelf Corporation within 5 business days! (Some features take 72hrs)


The Following Are FREE Features That Come With Each Credit Ready Shelf Corporation:

 For a FREE ANALYSIS, or to ORDER your Credit-Ready Shelf Corporation,

EMAIL the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Cellphone
  • Purpose Of Shelf Corp
  • Maximum Budget For Shelf Corp
  • When Do You Need Shelf Corp

EMAIL That Information To:


FAST Real Estate Loans In 3-7 Days


What if Silicon Valley built a mortgage bank from the ground up,

the right way?


We asked ourselves this question and founded a Company to do just that. We’re based on the premise that real estate lending is a complex, inefficient, non-transparent process that should be made simple and accessible for borrowers and investors alike.

Our Company combines the very best technology, consumer experience, data analysis, and private investment platform to provide real estate loans that are fast, flexible, and competitively priced.

We make it possible for everyone from the small common investor up to the large institutional fund to invest in real estate securities that have attractive yields and are easy to understand.

We lend in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee,and Texas. Very soon we will be lending in Utah, Oregon, and Georgia

Whether you are a borrower, investor, or connected to the real estate world in any way, we would love to help you with all your financing needs.

To begin the Process, it takes 5 minutes or less, and you’ll get your funding in 3-7 days!


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SEASONED Tradelines has SEASONED Primary and AU Tradelines that post to all 3 credit bureaus, 7-days after their posting date!

Examples of our SEASONED Tradelines:

  • Auto
    $30-60K 3-5 years old $600 status open 3-5% or closed

    $60-100K 3-5 years old $725 status open 3-5% or closed
  •  Mortgage
    $100K $550 status closed /20 to 30 years history
    $200K $650 status closed /20 to 30 years history  $300K $750 status closed /20 to 30 years history
  •  Revolving
    $5-10K $500 status open low balance max 5-10%

    $10-15K $600 status open low balance max 5-10%
  • $20-30K $700 status open low balance max 5-10% 
  •  Installment
  •  $5-10K 3-5 years old status open 5% balance $450
  •  $10-15K 3-5 years old status open 5% balance $550


We also offer SPECIAL SEASONED Tradeline Packages:

  • Platinum Package 800 Credit Score
    1) $60-100K Primary Auto Trade line closed or 3% balance 3-5 years old 2) $200K Mortgage status closed /20 to 30 years history 3) $10-15K Installment 3-5 years old status open 5% balance 4) AU Seasoned Tradeline 5+ years old limit $18-30K.
    Price $999
  • Gold Package 775+ Credit Score
    1)  $60-100K 3-5 years old status open 3-5% or close 2) Mortgage $100K status closed /20 to 30 years history status closed 3) Seasoned AU Trade line 5+ years old limit $10-15K.
    Price $800
  • Silver Package 725+ Credit Score

      1) $10-15K 3-5 years old status open 5% balance 2) Revolving $5-10K status open low balance

         Price $600

  • Bronze Package 680+ Credit Score 
    1) Installment $5-10K 3-5 years old status open 5% balance 2) AU Seasoned Tradeline 3+ years old limit $6-12K

          Price $525


For Our List Of HIGH-End Tradelines

They POST on all 3 Credit Bureaus, 7 days AFTER their posting date!

That means, that after they post to your credit file, you are free to apply for more Tradelines, (i.e., mortgages, new car, personal or business loan, lines of credit, or credit cards)!

CLICK The Click Here Button For Tradeline Application

Email to:

CLICK The Logos Above To Download Credit/Debit Card Authorization Form


CPN Tri-Merged Package

We can also perform this service for you if you prefer. The fee is ONLY a One-Time $99.

You will have your New Tri-Merged CPN and New Credit File within 1 HOUR!

  For CPN Tri-Merged Package Application.

Fill it out and submit it along with your $99 Fee.


Do-It-Yourself Credit Sweep & Add Your Own Tradelines

Grow-Your-Credit-ScoreWe show you how to access and report bank issued

Primary Tradelines that are in your name and BACKDATED!

We also include Credit Sweep instructions!

There is NO special software to download!

This method is 100% LEGAL AND ETHICAL!

These are Primary Tradelines that include Installment Accounts, Revolving Accounts, Auto Loans, Mortgages.

To ORDER Your DIY Credit Sweep & Add Your Own Tradelines eBook Package Go To:

Credit/Debit Cards Accepted



Business Management Consulting Service Includes Credit Sweep & Inquiries Removal

We pride ourselves in being the FASTEST, Reputable, and AFFORDABLE Business Management Consultancy, and  Credit Restoration service in the Nation!

You will retain up to 6-months of our basic Business Management Consultations.

Awhile ago, our Team met and decided, if our clients need to restore their credit, they certainly couldn’t readily afford to pay the regular cost of a legit credit repair service, which can run into the thousand dollar range.

Since 2013, we have become The Home Of The $250 Credit Sweep!




ONLY $250

CLICK The Logos Above To Download Credit/Debit Card Authorization Form




Premium Business Management Consulting Service Includes Our Funding Package

Our most popular package is the Premium Business Management Consulting Service, Includes Our Funding Package. (Customized to your needs)

You will have 6-months of Premium Business Management Consultations, plus, we get you qualified to receive your funding, by adding you as an Authorized User, (AU), on 2 or more of our Aged Tradelines.

They will report to all 3 credit bureaus, 7 days AFTER their posting dates.

At completion of this process, you will have 1-2 Tradelines, and a FICO score of 680+.

The process takes approximately 4-5 weeks, start to finish.

CLICK The Logos Above To Download Credit/Debit Card Authorization Form




Funding-Man Our lenders can get you from $25,000 to $100,000, in as little as 2 weeks! Up o $5 Million in phases, after your initial disbursements!

These are LOCs, Lines Of Credit, or credit cards. They can be used for whatever your needs are.

To qualify for these Lines of Credit, you need to have a FICO score of 680 or higher, with a minimum of two open tradelines, (the more open tradelines the better), and a low Debt To Income ratio (DTI), of 40% or lower. Once this criteria is met, we can get you funded with
Lines of Credit up to $100,000 in 2-weeks,
if one of your tradelines is between $20K to $30K.


Also, we are in need of New Finance Agents!

NO experience needed! We do all the work, you just refer New Clients And Get Paid Up To $5000 Per Client!

See Below!



Our Funding Partner Is BBB Rated A+

800-730-3084 ext. 4478

24 Hour Approvals, NO Financials Required!

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In Life, You GET What You’re WORTH!
If You Ain’t WORTH Nothin’,
You Won’t GET Nothin’!



It is against the law to use this website to defraud lenders, mortgage holders, or any other creditors!

The Team

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